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המצווה החביבה בתרי"ג   סרטון על פטנט כוכב הגלילה

The last, but not least, revered commandment of the 613 mitzvos, is that each Jew should write himself a Torah scroll. We learn this mitzvah from the verse: “And now write this song for you..” (Deut. 31:19). And we find in tractate Sanhedrin: “Even a man who has inherited a kosher Torah scroll from his father, is not relieved of his obligation, but is required to write one himself.” (Sanhedrin 21B).

When does one commission a Torah scroll?

Since the writing of a Torah scroll involves a significant expenditure, many people will choose to mark an emotionally charged special occasion by sponsoring the writing of one. One may commission a Torah scroll as an act of joyous gratitude for being saved from a near-tragedy, for example, or after recovering from a life-threatening illness. Commissioning the writing of a Torah scroll is also a time-honored Jewish way of commemorating the passing of beloved relatives, and of elevating their souls.

A Torah scroll that is written in holiness, showers the ones who have sponsored its writing with all the blessings that are recited upon it, each time that it is read from. According to Sephardic custom, the blessings over the Torah scroll bring success, health, joy, sustenance, longevity, wealth, bountiful blessings, the annulment of harsh decrees, atonement of sins, the finding of one’s soul mate, the blessing of children and righteous offspring, and can counteract the effects of an evil eye.


Beis Meleches Hakodesh – Torah Scrolls written in awe

Historically, countless Jews have sacrificed their lives in order to save Torah scrolls, often casting themselves into burning fires, dying Al Kiddush Hashem in an eternal embrace with the Torah scroll. The holiness of our Torah scrolls and their centrality to the Jewish experience has followed us from the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai to this very day.

When buying a Torah scroll, or a casing for the Torah scroll, one should check out the reputation, reliability and professionalism of the supplier, as well as their attention to detail. The artisans at Beis Meleches HaKodesh work with a feeling of awe in this holiest of fields, one that is sacred to the Jewish people in this modern era.  Torah scrolls manufactured by us undergo careful halachic supervision from the preparation of the parchments down to the writing of the very last letters in the scroll. Our elegant Torah casings are known for their kashrus (meeting the requirements of Jewish law), as well as for their fine finish and unique beauty, which all come together to enhance this special mitzvah. In addition, the “Gelilah star” global patent developed by us for easy roll-up, raises the quality and reputation of our Torah scroll casings to a whole new level. Come celebrate the joy of Torah, and help glorify the Torah in Am Yisrael!

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