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About Beit Melechet Hakodesh

Beis Meleches HaKodesh — leading manufacturers of Torah scrolls and casings

Beit Melechet HaKodesh is a workshop that deals with embryo parchment processing for the preparation of Torah scrolls, inscribing Torah scrolls according to the varying accepted traditions: Sephardic, Yemenite, Bet Yosef and The Ari, and the manufacturing of elegant, exclusive Torah scroll casings finished to exceptionally high standards. Since its establishment Beit Melechet Hakodesh has gained popularity throughout the Torah world, and Gedolei Yisroel, both in Israel and abroad, Rabbis and Admorim (Hassidic rebbes) have ordered these prestigious Torah scrolls and casings.

The Biggest showroom in the world for Torah scroll casing

  • Factory for Producing Quality Parchment & Exclusively Designed Torah Scroll Casings

    The entire manufacturing process of these Torah scrolls and casings is supervised by Beis Meleches HaKodesh. The processing of the hides into parchments is wholly supervised, with an emphasis on adherence to Jewish law, and with the goal of producing high quality, mehudar white embryo parchment.
    The workshop at Beis Meleches HaKodeshthat manufactures Torah scroll casings, employs the finest skilled artisans and professionals, all of whom are G-d fearing Torah scholars, who make the Torah their life’s mission in every sense of the word. You can peruse the magnificent Judaica handiwork of these wood carvers, metal smiths and art designers at our display room where a wide array of designs featuring gold, silver and precious stones are on view to the public. Close to seventy Torah scroll casings make up this unique display, including casings for petite sized Torah scrolls, making this exhibit the largest of its kind in the field today.