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Holy Temple Vessels Design, Inlaid

  • תיק יוקרתי לספר תורה - דגם כלי המקדש
  • “V’asitah aron… v’tzipitah oto zahav tahor”

    A particularly magnificent Torah case, featuring gold and silver plated etchings of the temple vessels. Perfectly finished etchings portray the Kiyor (the sink) as a sign of purity, the Mizbeach Hanechoshet (copper altar) as a symbol of atonement, the Mizbeach HaKetoret (incense altar) as a harbinger of wealth, Aron Habrit (the ark of the covenant) as a symbol of Torah study, the Menorah (candelabra) as a sign for good children and Lechem HaPanim (the showbread) as a
    harbinger of livelihood.

    Catalog No. A 408/1