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The Gelilah Star Patent

There are a number of mitzvos connected to the reading from the Torah scroll, and regarding correct use of the Torah scroll,
that must be observed to keep the reader from error, and to prevent the recital of a blessing in vain.

A Global Patent
The global star patent was developed as a solution to certain halachic problems
that used to arise as a result of incorrect roll-up of the Torah scroll. Such as:


  • “Gelilah Star” Patent

    Our Patent

    As part of the activity of Beis Meleches HaKodesh and the Beis Midrash for Sofrei Stam that operates alongside it, we have developed a unique patent for easy gelilah (roll-up), which solves all the problems connected to gelilah.
    The “Gelilah Star” is a registered patent that enables one to roll up the Torah scroll as it rests within its casing, eliminating the need to touch the scroll with a human hand. This preserves the perfection of the Torah scroll, and lengthens its life, preventing situations where a “Sefer Torah is distressed” (which happens when one is no longer able to read from it).
  • Our Patent’s Advantages

    Our Patent’s Advantages

    • Our patent enables one to perform the mitzvos of reading from the Torah, and raising the Torah scroll up high according to the highest standards of Jewish law. Moreover, using this patent greatly contributes to lengthening the life of the Torah scroll, as it prevents the cumulative damage that occurs as a result of parchment creases, bulges and the touch of human hand which leaves traces of damp that can — over time — damage the parchment scroll and erode its letters.